S A A F Medical Trading was established in 2013
as a MOH Certified Distributor in the United Arab Emirates. 
With our rich years of experience,
serve ailing humanity by providing quality medicines.
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About us

S A A F Medical Trading was established in 2013 as an MOH Certified Distributor in United Arab Emirates.

Our core business is health-care industry and to provide the quality products and services. If there is a single aspect of your life where you can’t afford to make compromises, it’s medicine and healthcare and we truly understand it!


Under the pioneering leadership of the Chairman, our company is among the best of the companies with supplies of pharmacy products in the United Arab Emirates, expanding its business to meet rising global health needs by championing new areas of medical research. By continually entering new areas—both scientific and geographic—we’ve established a now long-standing tradition of helping people live healthier lives around the world.

Chairman’s Message:

Ever since our inception in 2013, we have made crucial and substantial contributions to improve the healthcare sector of the UAE. This has helped us to grow and become the well-known private healthcare group in the country catering to the medical needs of thousands of people annually.

Business Development & Supply Chain Team:

We as an experienced professional team are committed to delivering the best services to people at an affordable cost. We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure given the developments in the healthcare sector around the world and making it affordable for the general public.

Our Mission

We strive to maintain excellence in our business practices with the objective to benefit the medical community, Patients, stakeholders, and employees; and to improve quality of life by providing quality products enabling us to become a well-known ethical Medical Company.

Our Vision

We at S A A F MEDICAL SURGICAL EQUIPMENT & INSTRUMENTS TRADING L.L.C understand the duties of being a responsible team of professionals and stand true to our conviction and promise to work for the betterment and prosperity of our community.

Our Clients

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